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Convenience.  Locally owned and operated, Green Clean has 11 car washes serving customers in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Chesapeake and the greater Hampton Roads region.  We are open 24 hours, with attendants on duty during select times.  Our drive-thru car washes, self-serve bays, vacuums, shampoo, fragrance and vending machines accept cash, quarters, tokens and, in most cases, credit cards.

"I pulled in 10 minutes before closing on a dark, cold and windy night, and they treated me like I was the first customer of the day.  Green Clean will be seeing me on a regular basis." - Deborah from Virginia Beach

Service.  Attendants are on duty during select hours at most Green Clean locations.  If you purchase one of our top touch-free wash packages, a complimentary hand prep service is offered.  If you would like, the attendant will spray down the vehicle, clean the rims and tires for you, and apply light friction using high-lubricity soap and a soft natural brush.  We do not offer this service for our soft touch Tandem machines (it isn't needed), but we may give the exterior and rims a quick spray-down before you enter the wash.

Value.  At Green Clean, we strive to earn your loyalty with affordable car wash prices and superior results.  Our goal is to make it worth your while to wash your car regularly and tell your friends about us.  We encourage more people to use our car washes instead of washing at home, because doing so is better for the environment.  We keep our prices low, our rewards and discounts generous, and our products safe.  We appreciate your business.

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