Keep it Clean at Green Clean.

Address: 1121 Airline Blvd near Frederick Blvd & High St, Portsmouth

Hours: Open 24 hours; Attended Mon-Sun 8-7* 

Payment Methods: Cash, VISA, Mastercard​​

Drive-Thru Washes: Touch-Free LaserWash

Single Wash Price (before upgrade): $5 /$8 / $10 / $12 / $15 

Complimentary hand prep on top two wash packages when attended

Self-Serve Bay Prices: $2 for 3 min/$5 for 12 min

Unlimited Wash Club Membership: $19.99/$24.99/$29.99 month

Free vacuums with every wash, shampoo, fragrance, and vending available

*attended hours are weather permitting

Right around the corner from the Frederick Blvd Walmart, our Airline Blvd car wash in Portsmouth is popular for its newest Express Mini Tunnel, well-lit facilities open 24 hours, touch-free automatic, affordable self-serve bays and FREE vacuums with every wash. Try us out with a single visit or join our Unlimited Car Wash Club and wash all month as low as $19.99, with the convenience of using our other Green Clean locations.   

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