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Green Clean offers mobile fleet wash services that outperform simple pressure washing.  Many businesses are sold a bill of goods by low-bidding pressure wash companies that cannot achieve consistent results.  You cannot clean fleet vehicles well without friction.  Spraying alone simply will not do it.

Green Clean does it right.  We start by pressure washing each vehicle, then our experienced workers apply friction cleaning with soft natural brushes and high-lubricity soaps.  Rims and heavily soiled areas are pretreated with environmentally-responsible degreasers and cleaned by hand, followed by a second round of pressure washing and final rinse.  We use this approach because it is necessary and we want to keep your business long-term.

Your vehicles are moving billboards, representing your company everywhere you go.  Our fleet wash crews work hard to protect your company image and give you a competitive edge.  To learn more about our mobile fleet wash services and other business savings, call 757-460-8360 or email us.

"I have been using Green Clean's Mobile Fleet Washing service for over a year now.  They are by far the best mobile fleet washing team in Hampton Roads.  Their quality is unsurpassed." - Fleet Manager, Unifirst Corp.